Baldness: The 6 Tips to Fight Effectively

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Baldness is not just a question of age or genes. It can also come from a poor lifestyle.

We don’t necessarily know it, but the first cells to suffer when we neglect our body are those of the hair.

So, if your hair tends to fall out too much, we recommend that you closely monitor your lifestyle.

To help you, here are 6 anti-hair loss tips that are easy to follow on a daily basis…

  • Hair loss: the finding
  • Possible treatments
  • Our 6 tips against baldness
    • 1. Watch your diet
    • 2. Stop stressing!
    • 3. Stop (or at least cut back) tobacco
    • 4. Play sports
    • 5. Give your hair a little gym
    • 6. Anti-hair loss shampoos
      • Our selection of anti-hair loss shampoos

Hair loss: the finding

Millions of men suffer from baldness.

In 90% of cases, the main cause of baldness is an excess of male hormones in the blood (androgenic alopecia). In this, it is a typically male evil!

Baldness appears on average between the ages of 20 and 35, but it can also start later.

To the great misfortune of bald men, this excess is hereditary! If dad was quickly bald, the son will have every chance to follow in the same line!

In detail, male hormones have the virtue of accelerating the life cycle of the hair. And the faster they age, the faster they fall! Added to this are aggravating factors such as permanent stressprolonged anxiety, or an unbalanced diet (deficiency of vitamins H and B6).

Certain drugs can also precipitate baldness such as amphetamines, anticoagulants.

To a lesser extent, overly aggressive shampoos and repetitive dyes can also have a negative effect on the hair.

Possible treatments

To fight against hereditary baldness, certain drugs containing Monoxide seem to be effective. They must be taken for life and at the first signs of falling for the effect to be lasting and significant.

The majority of products based on this active principle come in the form of a lotion to be applied directly to the hair.

There are also tablet versions. The disadvantages of these treatments? Their high costs and side effects that are sometimes difficult to bear.

The other solution to overcome this damn baldness and find the hair of a “young man” is the hair transplant.

Several techniques are possible: micro grafting consists of implanting one’s own hair previously taken from a less bald area; the grafting of synthetic implants with more risk of rejection.

In both cases, the cost is dissuasive which explains why many potential bald people prefer to shave their heads entirely.

Our 6 tips against baldness

1. Watch your diet


The right diet for your hair consists of avoiding saturated fat and should provide you with the five dietary components essential for the development of your hair follicles on a daily basis, namely proteins, sulfur, zinc, iron as well as the vitamins of group B.

2. Stop stressing!

This is the enemy!

When stress manifests itself, it triggers, in the scalp, a series of reactions such as compression of blood vessels, less irrigation of the roots, stimulation of androgen hormones, etc.

Ultimately, these reactions lead to thinning and premature hair loss.

To try to remedy this, we advise you to take a magnesium treatment, which contributes to the balance of neurotransmitters: it is a natural regulator of nervous excitability, an excellent anti-stress. Our recommendation: a cure of 6 to 8 weeks, especially at the start of the season (autumn and spring), when the hair is more fragile.

3. Stop (or at least cut back) tobacco

Among other nuisances, tobacco decreases the elasticity of blood vessels, particularly numerous and narrow, in the scalp. It can therefore significantly reduce the flow of blood to the roots of your hair.

For your hair, six, seven cigarettes a day is a maximum. But if you can, if you can quit smoking, your whole body will thank you.

4. Play sports

Contrary to popular belief, sport is beneficial for your hair, it helps the body eliminate toxins in the form of perspiration and sebum.

But there are some precautions: the sweat does not stay on the scalp because it could destabilize its pH. After your workout, you should therefore rinse your hair well or wash it using soft, low-foaming products.

5. Give your hair a little gym

Yes, your hair can play sports too! Like any other part of the body, the scalp needs a little exercise to stimulate blood circulation and promote root activity. So do not hesitate to massage your head regularly.

6. Anti-hair loss shampoos

hair wash

Getting your shampoo right is an integral part of your lifestyle, especially if the volume of your hair tends to decrease. The operation requires some key principles to respect the ecology of your scalp:

  • Don’t skimp on the price: it’s not the number of shampoos per week that counts, but the quality and softness of the product.
  • Don’t skimp on the rinse: even if you wash your hair every day, even if you are in a hurry, a prolonged rinse is the basics of healthy hair. Without it, the hair is dull, the scalp and hair are more vulnerable to air pollution.
  • With each shampoo, do only one: the first washes, the second strikes.
  • Use a suitable shampoo: not all men have the same type of hair. So not all shampoos are made for you!
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