Apple Glass: Connected Glasses Soon Available

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After the failure of Google Glasses, Apple could soon unveil its own connected glasses: the Apple Glass!

We tell you everything we know about this highly anticipated project.

  • Smart glasses at Apple
  • What could Apple Glass look like?
  • What’s the point?
  • What can they do?
  • Apple will do better than Google?

Smart glasses at Apple

For the moment, we do not yet know much about these future augmented reality glasses developed by Apple. Rumours and patents give us some clues about what could become the brand’s major product.

The augmented reality is one of the main research areas of Apple. It could be that these researches make it possible to forget the enormous failure of Google Glass. These glasses could arrive as early as 2021.

It looks like Apple wants to come up with smart glasses that could replace prescription glassesA patent indicates that automatic vision correction would be possible for nearsighted, astigmatic and farsighted people. They could therefore refine the correction via software without systematically going back to a specialist.

For the Apple Watch, the Apple brand has established partnerships with American mutuals so that they cover part of the cost of the watch for the elderly. As this watch is perceived as medical aid, it is possible that this device also concerns glasses.

What could Apple Glass look like?

Apple Glass will undoubtedly be elegant, sober, with clean lines while integrating all the technologies useful for augmented reality in a frame.

Apple does not seem to be moving towards glasses with a futuristic look like Google had done. The design will undoubtedly be simple and reassuring to please the general public.

The first prototypes would be close to high-end glasses with a frame a little more imposing than a classic model.

Apple could also take back what made the success of the Apple Watch by allowing wide customization of the product. We may have several shapes of lenses and options to customize the frame.

What’s the point?

If these glasses could automatically correct eyesight, that is not their main interest. If we refer to the various patents filed, Apple Glass would provide the user with information related to the context.

A LiDAR sensor (like on the iPad Pro) could map the user’s environment, estimate distances, and integrate 3D elements.

Automatic access to certain services could be done via QR Codes. But it does not seem that Apple has planned a camera, probably following the controversies related to films made with Google Glass and respect for private life.

What can they do?

We will surely have an AppStore for developers to offer their services. Perhaps it will be possible to access tweets, follow your physical activity, recommendations for places.

The video game will undoubtedly not be forgotten: a partnership would have been concluded with Valve.

A new operating system could also be released for the occasion.

An interface could appear in the virtual simulation and users could access virtual elements in the 3D environment and access options, content, etc.

These Apple Glass will necessarily be associated with an iPhone which will take care of the heaviest part of the calculations. The connection will be made via Bluetooth or via a variant of the AirPods chip. The iPhone would therefore be essential.

These glasses would make it possible to enjoy immersive experiences via dedicated applications, to display information related to the context (routes, restaurants, etc.), to dictate messages via Siri, to interact with 3D content, to transform any surface into a touch screen, to watch a movie….

Apple will do better than Google?

Apple takes its time and has no doubt learned a lot from the failure of Google Glass. Rumours have been circulating for several years about these connected glasses.

We should therefore have a product offering a much richer experience. The price itself would be attractive since we are talking about a base price of 499 dollars.

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