Blogging is both easy and difficult. It’s wonderful and horrible. It’s rewarding and disappointing.

In short, blogging is a lot like life.

If you’re wandering around without direction, without guidance, without purpose… blogging can be one of the most frustrating tasks you will attempt in your entire life.

The good news?

Just like in life, you’re not in this alone…

Hiiii, I am Chillazo

 I created Chillazo during the Summer of 2020 with two primary goals in mind: To help you be the best blogger you can be, and to reach a level of success which enables me to do this (“blogging”) full time.

I’ve been blogging since November 2015, and for most my blogging career I ran a humor blog. Combine this with my three years as a high school teacher; my Master’s in Computer Science which cost way, way too much money; and my experience as a web developer, and you get quite the unorthodox background.

But that’s okay. My writing style is unorthodox, too.

I want to entertain you and make you laugh as much as I want to teach and inspire you. I want you to enjoy my posts so much, you don’t even realize right away I’ve taught you anything.

How To Reach Me

You can say hi to me on Twitter or Facebook.

Want to email me? Easy! Just visit my Contact page and send me your message.

Want to ask me out on a date? 😛