A Well-Trimmed Beard in 6 Steps

2 Mins read

Gentlemen, in this tutorial you are going to learn how to get a well-trimmed and maintain your beard and how to make it look great!

Here are the 6 steps to having a beautiful, even and well-trimmed beard.

  • Wash your beard with shampoo
  • Brush his beard
  • Use the trimmer for a well-trimmed beard
  • Shave his beard with a razor
  • Apply beard oil
  • Unify your beard

1. Wash your beard with shampoo

Start by shampooing your beard. You can find shampoos specially designed for beards in supermarkets or at barbers.

But a classic shampoo can work just as well. Especially shampoos for hair lacking thickness for less thick beards and make your beard soft.

2. Brush his beard


You don’t need to buy a special brush for your beard. Use the brush that comes with the trimmer. It cleans the trimmer, but you can use it to brush your beard.

Otherwise, use a classic comb. And preferably choose a horn comb because it does not generate static electricity and will therefore discipline the hair more easily. Each time, gently brush your beard down, not forgetting the moustache.

3. Use the trimmer for a well-trimmed beard

To trim your beard, opt for a digital trimmer with a removable comb and a screen displaying the chosen cutting height. If you don’t have a trimmer, you can use a chisel to adjust the beard.

To make the degraded part and the bottom of the beard, use a cutting height of 5 mm, without the comb of course.

Start at the top of your cheek, and then adjust the contours of the cheek up to two fingers of Adam’s apple.

Then shave the contours of the jaw and clear the lips. Finally, brush your beard back.

4. Shave his beard with a razor


Start by delimiting the line of each cheek that goes from the lips to the ear, then the line of your moustache with a razor.

It will be a question of making a natural line inline or in gradient with the razor on each cheek.

5. Apply beard oil


Choose classic beard oil or hair oil with the same composition as beard oil. Its role is to nourish the beard.

Put a small amount in your hand then knead before gently rubbing the beard. Finally, brush the beard.

6. Unify your beard

Last step for a well-trimmed beard: use a makeup pencil to even out the beard to fill in less bushy areas. Choose the colour of the pencil according to the shade of your beard.

For an excellent result, tap the pencil on the less bushy areas, and then brush back the beard. Thus, you will have an even beard.

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