A Suit Without a Tie? How to Wear

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The suit yes, the tie no! Even French MPs are no longer required to wear one since 2017, so why not you? Why not adopt a casual chic look by wearing your suit without a tie?

If you’re ready to take the plunge, you’re told how to do it right.

Wearing a suit without a tie: what if we dared?

Suit with or without a tie? The debate is almost as followed by the population. If it is essential in certain jobs such as finance Prepared For A Video Interview, for example, it can be relegated to the closet in other cases while keeping a fabulous look. How to do? We tell you everything!

Under what circumstances is it not “compulsory” to wear a tie?

On the work side, it all depends on your company policy. For certain professions, the tie is essential to ensure credibility and seriousness (financial matters, lawyers, etc.) or to show respect (funeral directors for example).

Nowadays, a good number of companies, however uncompromising when it comes to wearing ties, have introduced Friday Wear: on Fridays, employees can come in casual clothes, within the limits of decorum of course: we do not doubt that your swim trunks look great on you, but not in the office!

On the personal side, it’s another matter. We will say that for all that is official ceremonies (marriage, funeral, baptism, communion, bar mitzvah, etc.), the tie is required; at least for the celebration. But no one will blame you if you take it off later, especially in hot weather!

For other occasions, you can do as you see fit. The easiest thing is when the organizers define a dress code: it avoids spending 1-hour asking questions!

Which suit to choose if you don’t want to wear a tie?

Unsurprisingly, a suit without a tie makes for a much cooler and less strict style. But what is important to keep in mind is that you can be chic without being strict! For this, you have to choose a modern costume but not too classy, ​​with a preference for original fabrics.

How about the Prince of Wales check suit, for example? With these, it is very difficult to find a matching tie anyway (you can always give this excuse to those who give you comments!).

As for the shirt, the less daring will opt for those with Mandarin collar (too easy!), While the more daring will choose a classic collar by leaving ONLY the first button open, to avoid passing for a pseudo rapper of the second zone or a quinquina bobo on a TV set.

The other option is to wear a colourful Hawaiian-style shirt with a sober costume. It’s daring, but it can hit the mark!

What are the alternatives to the tie?

Do you like to have something around your neck but are fed up with the tie that reminds you too much of the office? No problem, there are 4 main alternatives to the tie.

The bow tie

After becoming obsolete, is making a real comeback nowadays with models ranging from traditional to flashy: we love it! Today we even find bow ties in wood (already very or even too seen) or even in metal!

The lavallière

It is the vintage accessory to perfection, which remains the favourite choker of the bride and groom. Expertly tied and held in place with a shiny tie pin, it surpasses everything in terms of chic. And no, it won’t necessarily make you look like Cédric Villani.

The scarf

Some would say that it looks very Le Touquet Paris-Plage, but the scarf remains an accessory of the most beautiful effect. Especially if you wear it with a matching jacket pocket.

The ascot

So, there, it is the must (which is very close to the tie and the lavallière, it is true). The accessory that will transform any of you gentlemen into a billionaire fresh off a yacht. To vary the styles, it will suffice to vary the knots: frill, dandy, shirt, cheche, etc.

Things not to do

That you don’t feel like putting on a tie is your right, but it has to be the only thing your suit is missing! It is forbidden to forget to put on a jacket pocket matching the suit (or the shirt), to polish your shoes or to do your hair: we want a casual-chic style, not neglected shock!

The suit must be perfectly clean and ironed, just like the shirt, which must be avoided: we remind you that you will not be able to hide a stain with your tie!

Well, you got it, wearing a suit without a tie is possible in certain circumstances and by respecting a few rules. Proof that you can break the codes without ruining your style. By the way, if we were to attack another diktat, what do you think? I suggest wearing a suit with sneakers! 

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