8 Steps to Approach a Woman on the Street

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To confidently flirt outside of your comfort zone, opening phrases and good manners aren’t enough.

It will also be essential for you to change your mental focus. It is precisely in that aspect that we will refer in this article.

Get ready to learn and put into practice what we indicate below:

1. Choose your words wisely since you have little time to get their attention

Even though it is not a competition, you have to understand that you only have 10 seconds from the moment you approach it and the moment you approach it.

Otherwise, you will lose the momentum to reach your goal and she will continue on without knowing that you intended her.

Also, after those 10 seconds, your mind will begin to sabotage your chances of a probable conquest, because you will experience doubts that will slow down your options.

Don’t give yourself a chance to doubt!

2. Let your audacity see!

This is part of shifting your mental focus around a situation that can be quite uncomfortable.

You, without a doubt, want to meet her. So try a direct phrase that motivates her to listen to you and with which you can flatter her.

For example: “Hello! I know it is strange that someone approaches you out of nowhere, but I could not leave without telling you that you are the most beautiful woman I have seen today. After this, smile at her, surely she will too and even thank you.

So do not crosswords with her for the moment, you already entered her head! She will remember you as a bold and courageous man whom she will hope to meet again.

3. Only you know how conquering you can be (Practice makes perfect)

If your experience is little, a lot or none, this is something that only you know. Therefore, avoid projecting your insecurities.

Don’t be intimidated by your friends, when they say that they are all Casanova’s meeting women and flirting with them without difficulty.

Most men – who really are “donjuanes” – do not brag about their condition. On the contrary, they prevent other children from finding out so that they do not ask them about the strategies they use for this purpose.

In the end, the more mistakes you make, the more confident you will be.

4. Learn from seductive men

Your goal is to conquer with ease, but you do not have physical characteristics that make you very attractive. So does this rule you out of the group of seducers? Of course not!

I have known really beautiful women who get to marry very ordinary and even physically unattractive guys.

What did they see in them? More intrinsic attributes such as personality, self-confidence and the good treatment that they were given in the conquest process.

Of course, at first, they did not notice any of this, but the attitude … This is the secret of true seducers to Seduce her Amicably.

If you have trouble projecting your attitude, you can learn from those who prove to be truly reliable in the matter. That is protagonists of soap operas, your close friends and also by observing your surroundings.

You will notice how flirtations occur everywhere, some successful and others not. Focus on that “model man“, study him, take note of what he does, apply it for yourself and repeat if it worked for you.

5. Relax

Count to ten, take a deep breath and go straight to the woman of your dreams. Although it is totally normal to feel fear, you should hide it or you will appear tense when talking with her.

One way to break out of tension is by being likeable. Don’t fall for silly jokes, but at least give her a sweet smile that lets her know she’s not vulnerable in your presence.

Your sympathy may be enough to captivate her! However, make sure the rest of your body looks gentle too; that is, change your body posture, straighten your torso and relax your shoulders.

6. Keep an open mind

You are not desperate! Yes, it is true that you want to meet her, but don’t make the mistake of showing her that you are dying to get closer and get a little of her attention.

You are a man and you should not look down on yourself!

This is a frequently made mistake that works against you. Keep an open mind!

You may be idealizing a woman who in the long run is not entirely pleasant or interesting and, because you are thinking about her, you have lost the chance to flirt with others who would really contribute a lot to your life.

7. Practice constantly

It does not mean that you hint at how many women you cross, but rather that —to be successful in any task— you must practice each of your moves in your mind and in front of the mirror.

In private it is easy to make mistakes and change strategy without collateral damage.

If your goal is to be a daring man, who manages to impact them with just a glance, you cannot stop just wanting it.

Opportunities will not come to you, you will have to go find them!

8. Trust yourself

Women do not always expect a man to be quite handsome in appearance or that his wallet is full of money.

Rather, they want him to have “something else”, that extra confidence that they handle with such subtlety and end up dominating all situations, coming out well freed from whatever comes their way.

This motivates them and at the same time shows them that whoever approached them “is a winner” and, of course, everyone loves winners!

Learn to show confidence in yourself, in who you are and what you are worth: your qualities and abilities will speak for you.

Things will hardly go wrong for you if you have learned to exude confidence when approaching women from now on.


Not every request or approach you make will achieve an optimal response from the woman in question.

If we are more than convinced of something, it is that even handling all the proven techniques, none will work for you if you do not first modify your mental state and the acceptance of yourself as an individual.

Learn to lead your attitude and not only will you learn to flirt smoothly, but the rest of your interpersonal activities will turn around for the better.

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