7 Digital Marketing levers to Develop Your Business in Coming Years.

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The tools to implement your digital marketing strategy are constantly evolving. Regular monitoring allows you to stay abreast of all these novelties. What are the digital trends that will make 2020?

Let’s discover together the 7 digital marketing levers not to be missed this year!

1. Search Engine Optimization, a constantly evolving vector of visibility

Every day, more than 3.5 billion searches are carried out on the Google tool, underlining its capital importance when defining its digital marketing strategy.

A workhorse not to be neglected for your business since its visibility depends on it. Today, having a website is not enough to stand out from the competition: this site must be visible, and this requires successful positioning on search engines. Google remains in the majority at this level, with around 90% of total searches carried out in Europe. Ranking well on Google is anything but easy, but there are proven methods.

Good positioning will have a considerable impact on your business. 92% of Google users will only see your business if it is placed in the top 10 searches, which is the 1st page of the search engine! SEO is probably one of the most affordable and effective levers of existing digital marketing today. Major Benefit: It will only bring you, customers, actively looking for your product or service.

We will publish an in-depth article on SEO very soon which will explain how to optimize it in a few points.

2. Voice search

Due to the preponderance of paid results and the latest developments in Google’s SEO algorithm, new trends are emerging to stand out on the platform. Analysts predict a real rise in voice search in 2020, a potential that is still little used in digital marketing.

This research is notably boosted by the success of smart assistants such as Google Home and Alexa. More than 1/3 of searches will be carried out by voice in 2020. Voice assistants have taken a significant place in our homes, which allows brands to have a new vector of communication and as many potential micro-moments of interaction with their targets. In France, there were 3.2 million users of voice-controlled speakers in June 2019, according to Médiamétrie.

One component to take into account when optimizing this digital marketing lever is the more limited number of results given by Google during a voice search. Indeed, voice assistants now return only one and only one answer. The competition is therefore much tougher, resulting in significantly higher conversion rates.

Voice search optimization efforts for your site will undoubtedly be greatly rewarded and impact the results of your digital marketing strategy.

3. The Chatbot, the king of customer relations

Chatbots will continue to shine in 2020 and will keep an important place in the success of your digital marketing strategy. However, it often happens that the amalgam is made between chat and chatbot: a chat is a conversational tool that instantly allows the customer or prospect to interact with your company or yourself, while a chatbot is an automated robot that allows giving pre-formatted answers according to the request of the customer or the prospect. Numerous studies have proven that a chatbot is a great tool to refine incoming request and thus qualitatively redirect to the person most able to meet the needs of your interlocutor.

These conversational tools can fulfil both the role of support in customer relations, but also know how to transform into real salespeople attracting several leads ready to be converted by your teams. A marketing automation tool capable of multiplying the points of contact for a real impact in the long term!

Surveys show that:

• 85% of customer relations services will be supported by a chatbot in 2020. The two main advantages of chatbots are 24/7 availability and instant responses.

• 63% of users prefer to interact with an online chatbot rather than communicating directly with a company or brand.

• 7 billion euros per year will be saved by companies by 2020 thanks to chatbots

It is often customary to think that implementing a chatbot involves heavy investments, which is a false truth. It is possible to access it at a lower cost thanks to companies providing high-performance turnkey solutions in exchange for a monthly or annual subscription. All you have to do is choose the solution that best meets your company’s digital marketing needs!

80% of companies want to set up a chatbot in 2020 according to an Oracle study, can you really afford to fall behind your competitors by missing out on this digital transformation opportunity?

4. Social networks, essential for your digital strategy

Social networks accumulate 3.5 billion active users every day, which represents an impressive 45% of the world’s population and 54% of these active users indicate that they use social networks to search for products. As we all know, social networks are today essential in the communication and digital marketing of a brand.

The real question remains to choose the ones that best match your targets and objectives, also taking into account the time and budget you want to allocate to them: Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest for E-commerce, Facebook or LinkedIn for the generation of qualified leads, Youtube and Instagram for notoriety for example. As you can see, the possibilities offered by social media are numerous and challenging.

However, it is important to stay alert to your subjects with constant vigilance. Indeed, each year brings its share of novelties and new features for the different platforms, and the latest developments are very promising for brands. In 2019, Instagram stories really took off with more than 500 million of these interactive formats shared every day!

Let us also keep in mind all the possibilities offered in terms of traffic with the clickable formats offered on all social networks. Each network will have its specificity and a different budget to distribute your content. For example, the cost per click of a Facebook ad is on average 36% lower than that of an equivalent ad via Google Adwords. However, the conversion rate may be higher via Google Ads depending on the target.

The key is to know how to juggle these different acquisition channels to optimize costs and the overall performance of your digital marketing campaigns.

5. The podcast, an innovative medium

The podcast is an audio format similar to a radio broadcast, which can last a handful of minutes or several hours. It is a tool that appeared fairly new in the way of strategies in digital marketing for companies (mainly start-up). The main advantage over a radio show is that you can listen to the content anytime and on a specific topic. As a business, you can offer different content, including interviews targeted at your expertise which are much appreciated. It is even possible today to transcribe your articles in the form of “mini-podcasts” via dedicated software. A quick and easy way to enrich the content of your site and increase the time spent on it.

In 2019, we could already count more than 700,000 podcasts (against 550,000 in 2018) and more than 29 million episodes. But only about twenty in Luxembourg. And according to an Opinion Way study for Audible, 39% of French people have already listened to a podcast (this figure dates from 2017, it has undoubtedly evolved since). A number that only asks to grow and an opportunity to speak out that it would be a shame to miss for your digital communication!

6. Local SEO: much more than an alternative to Google

Despite what we can think of with the growing expansion of new social networks and communication channels, local SEO platforms represent around 600,000 visits per month in Luxembourg on generalized platforms. These are highly qualified visits because they are 100% local, which strengthens the company’s brand image in its target market and ensures a better conversion rate. Local referencing also means nearly 300,000 cumulative visits per month on specialized platforms such as online appointment booking with doctors, ordering meals, specializing in beauty salons or e-commerce.

The advantages of local SEO are numerous, such as being visible on a local platform, having local opinions to be able to interact with your recurring customers easily, but also to boost your company’s position on Google. The Google algorithm will indeed consider your site as more legitimate if authoritative domains (websites) recommend it, especially if these domains are local domains and have a lot of traffic.

It is still a way too little used to participate in raising your business to the first page of Google. This is essential given that 75% of Internet users never go beyond this 1st page when they make a request.
And as we have seen above with the exponential growth of voice assistants, the results offered will be increasingly restricted to the best referrals.

By identifying keywords and brands that are often not found on the sites and therefore on Google and by uniformly structuring the information, local sites above all allow users to compare and choose professionals more easily. In addition, the facilities for establishing contact (eg making an appointment, messaging, etc.) and local notices verified by the platform provide significant added value compared to search engines.

7. User reviews, a guarantee of quality for companies

Reviews and comments sites are also excellent digital marketing levers to improve the popularity of your establishment. They will constitute a guarantee for the user of the quality of your service and act as a real showcase for your products. 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as recommendations from friends.

The search for reviews takes a preponderant part in the purchasing process of a consumer with, for example, 98% of Yelp users indicating in a study that they have bought in a business found on the site.

An important point to keep in mind: each review counts, an additional star on your rating can bring you 10% more turnover when a single negative review can cause it to leak a few dozen users.

More generally, 72% of people questioned during this study indicate that they will trust a business linked to positive reviews more. In another study, this time conducted by Reevo, we learn that a business with reviews generates on average 18% more sales compared to a business without consumer reviews.

These unequivocal figures show the absolute necessity in its digital marketing strategy to take care of its e-reputation through careful management of its user reviews, whether on Google, Facebook but also on specialized local platforms.

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