5 ways to start a conversation on Messenger

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If you have ever felt a very strong attraction for a woman you do not know in person, then the million-dollar question comes to your mind: “How do you start a conversation on Messenger?” 

If you are meeting someone for the first time, Facebook is often one of the most effective strategies for many singles. So today we will tell you how you can approach that person who has you sighing.

What you must not do

If you want to get someone’s attention and that they are interested in dating you, make sure that they are free from commitments or that they are not interested in another guy. This way, not only will it be easier to get a conversation with her, but you will also avoid problems.

Therefore, before explaining how to start a conversation on Messenger with a girl, we give you two recommendations to keep in mind and why you should avoid writing to a woman: 

  1. If you are in a relationship.
  2. Or if it is a person very close to your ex for a long time.  

How to start a conversation on Messenger with a woman?


If we are talking about starting a conversation on Facebook, we could say that it is easy, all you have to do is say ” Hello!” … But getting a response and making the conversation last can be quite a challenge.

In the event that you meet the girl, things could improve. But if you do not know it, then we advise you to take note of our following recommendations so that you learn how to start a conversation in Messenger effectively and without any complications. 

Thanks to dating applications today the interaction are much more creative, so now we can speak of “conversation openers”. That’s why we want to share with you these five ways to genuinely open a conversation:

My mother thinks I should go out with you

You can say to someone you like: “Can I ask you a question?” After the affirmation, say: “I showed your profile to my mother and she told me that I should go out with you … what do I say?”

What do you think of people who get dates on Facebook?

This question is often a great way to start an effective conversation with someone you want to hook up with.

Marry, take or kill

It is usually a very nice game for people with a good sense of humour since it consists of selecting three people to relate them to each of the words. 

Ask for a suggestion for Netflix

Depending on their tastes, publications or comments … you can ask them for a suggestion to watch on Netflix … Many are fans of the programming on this platform, so it will be a very timely question to start talking. 

What do you see in this image?

Anything that has to do with challenges, riddles or riddles is great to start a genuine conversation. Find something interesting that you can share and see if he dares to play along.

Tips for starting a conversation with a woman on Messenger

social media

Take note of these tips so that you can start a conversation with a girl on Messenger without problems.

Avoid just greetings

 Don’t start what could be a pleasant conversation with, “Hi, how are you?” Or a: “Everything ok?”

Ask more direct questions that allow you to give longer answers. There are many interesting things you can talk about with a girl; You just have to choose a topic that is interesting to her. Something like:

– Hey! How was the party last night? Who did it all? 

– That is a wonderful image.

Think of subtle ways to flatter

One of the best ways to start a conversation with a girl is to flatter her. Say nice things to her that make her laugh or use witty phrases to make a difference in the conversation. 

Give him timely compliments

Congratulate her on something at the right time. A photo of an event or something you’ve accomplished is often perfect opportunities to make a direct, candid, and pleasant comment. 

Take advantage of the information you share to talk about things in common

If they are at the same university, you can talk about a particular activity or trip that is being planned. If you have mutual friends, you can talk about them. 

If you know her, it may be convenient to ask her for some kind of suggestion or some information about her favourite artist. 

What is the best way to greet a woman?

Greeting a girl can be simple, especially if you are open and know what you are going to say. 

We are going to give you some tactics such as “rules” that will help you appear safe, normal and accessible when greeting a woman on Messenger:

  • Be respectful

It is unacceptable that you say something to her that makes her uncomfortable and more so if your goal is to get a date. 

  • Be genuine

Do not say something that all men are tempted to say because you will become one of the bunches. 

  • Be outgoing

Most of us women like to date guys who have a good sense of humour. 

  • Be patient

Avoid making the mistake of sending messages as soon as they confirm your friend request. Let some time pass and do not react or comment on everything she publishes … Show interest in knowing something about her after a little time passes. 

How to start a conversation on Messenger with a stranger?

When it comes to a stranger, it can be a bit more difficult to get a pleasant conversation, but these tips can help you approach it in a way that she likes: 

  • Choose a time when it is connected

Avoid sending messages in the early morning hours or at a time when she may be busy. 

  • Look for a reference as a topic of conversation

Ask them things like: Do problems persist at your university …? Do you know where I can get [whatever]?

  • Use humorous posts to give you a direct comment

Make a comment that gives them the opportunity to respond in a witty way, then point out that you are laughed at by their opinion. This shows him that you appreciate his sense of humour with another comment and that will spread the conversation. 

  • Avoid bullying

If he did not answer you on one occasion, it is because he is not really interested … An interested woman works like any other person to answer, only that sometimes they tend to let a few days go by to look a little more interesting and less easy to conquer. 

How to start a conversation with a girl on Messenger?

Before starting a conversation on Messenger, take into account that to be effective you must have certain things in your favour, such as being an appropriate age (not older or younger for many years), having the same cultural level, living in the same city, having things in common, being single …  

In addition, there are many cases of couples who have broken all stereotypes, but generally, conversations become more effective when there are particular interests. 

Next, we will tell you the five things you should know to start a conversation in Messenger successfully:

  • Take care of your vocabulary

Your way of expressing yourself may not be appropriate for someone who doesn’t know your intentions. No matter how young it may be, it is always better to leave the colloquialism for when you know each other better. 

  • Beware of spelling mistakes

This will give a lot to talk about you, for better or worse. 

  • Avoid looking smug

Most women are uncomfortable talking to guys who always talk about everything they have.

  • Start a conversation between 20:00 and 22:00

The time it starts is important to get feedback much faster; That is why the hours between the afternoon and evening are the most recommended since most people are already on break. 

  • Make sure you do some research on her before starting the conversation

Try not to make the mistake of talking to someone who is married or with whom you may have an altercation over some type of comment. 

How to start a conversation on Messenger with your crush?

Finally, you have found the girl of your dreams on Facebook and approach her, but you don’t have to worry about how and when to send her a message, just be prepared for the right moment: 

  • Use birthdays to break the ice. To start a conversation with the person you like, on Messenger, you must wait for the right opportunity. 
  • Give an honest compliment. Directly comment on an achievement you have recently posted. 
  • It causes a moment of doubt. Ask him about someone or something so that you can ask him several questions and open interaction. 

An additional tip: avoid showing yourself as the person who has been following the trail for a while, that can put anyone in tension and more if they do not know about you. 

How to start a conversation on Facebook with an unknown woman?

When you want to start a conversation with an unknown woman on Facebook it is better that you take into account some things so that you can receive good feedback:

  • Send him a message to clarify a question or tell him something that may open his interest a little.
  • Be careful with your written expression. Beware of spelling mistakes.
  • Pick a weekend or time when she’s online so she can respond more calmly.  

How to start a conversation with a woman?

One of the things that we must take care of when starting a conversation with a woman we like is our language.

It is normal for you to feel a little nervous or stressed if you like the girl a lot, but avoid exposing your emotions, since in this situation you can commit something reckless that leaves you very bad. 

You must show yourself sure of yourself; that will help you to be taken more into account.

Start a conversation in a very friendly way and take the opportunity to ask something personal such as: ” Have you graduated yet?”, “Do you have many friends in …?”, Among others.

How to start a conversation on Facebook for the first time?

Try to meet new people through a common interest. Check out all the things he likes to bring up conversation starters.

To maintain a conversation, it is as important to know how to start a conversation without causing boredom, as to know how to maintain it and make it repeat itself.

It begins with: “Coca-Cola or Pepsi?”, “Coffee or beer?” or with any trivia that persuades her to start a game or conversation. 

How to start a conversation on Messenger with a guy?

Unlike women, guys tend to be much more open with the people who write to them.

If you are determined, or determined, and want to get their attention, react or comment on a couple of their posts. If you know him well, you can send him a more direct signal to see if he is encouraged to have a conversation with you. 

Next, we will tell you the five things you should know to start a pleasant conversation with a man on Facebook Messenger:

He will pay attention to you if he knows who you are

If you’ve never seen him before, he’s unlikely to agree to have a serious conversation with you. 

Younger kids often use this type of medium to play pranks on others, which ends up being an unreliable channel for them. 

Ask him something based on his profile information

You can pretend that you haven’t inspected his profile and photos yet and ask him something like, “I love this picture, did you take it?” “Did you study in …?” “Do you have family in …?” 

It is NECESSARY to review publications and comments

With a simple inspection, you can get an idea of ​​what you are going to face. 

Pay him a compliment

Guys also love to be flattered. You can start by writing something subtle (something short and not desperate); This way you will make him understand that you take him into account, but do not pursue him. 

Being outgoing and genuine is the key

Most people start a conversation by how pleasant a greeting or comment can be. Don’t waste being you at all times!

Many choose to break the ice with a riddle, puzzle, or trivia game that works perfectly for a pleasant interaction. 

Interesting facts about flirting on Facebook

Did you know that more than 56% of Facebook users are willing to flirt or meet someone on the social network if they are attracted or find it interesting? This percentage shows that there are a large number of people open to meeting someone who meets their expectations.

Flirting on Facebook, even with someone you don’t know, is not so crazy… although the medium has given rise to many deceptions, it has helped hundreds of people when it comes to finding a partner. As technology evolves, so does the way of dating in each generation.

Even this network works perfectly as a “cover letter” since it allows you to see photos and personal data that reveal a large part of the personality. 

Now the interaction is much simpler and more dynamic, so a simple “I love it” can be the beginning of a long relationship. Along with this, you already know how to start a conversation on Messenger and thus link to the person you like.

Leave us your comments and share this post on your social networks so that your friends may be more successful in their conquests.

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