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5 Tips to Increase your immunity

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We all want to have proper functioning of the immunity system in our body. And there are many ways to increase it. But, before that, we need to know the answers of, what immunity system is? How does it function in our body? And how we can increase or have proper immunity system? The immune system is a defence mechanism in our body which kills harmful micro-organisms when they enter inside the body. But, when it fails to take down these harmful micro-organisms we fall sick.

There is no specific one way with which one can boost its immunity system but with several ways collectively. Having a healthy lifestyle play a vital role in boosting the first line of defence. A healthy lifestyle gives good health and good health is an indication of the proper functioning of the immunity system. Few parts of a healthy lifestyle are:

Timely Eat Healthy Diet:

green salad

Eating a balanced diet on time is very important. Like all other systems in our body, the immune system also needs nutrition to function properly. Hence, don’t forget to get yourself filled with all kinds of nutritious food on time. Increase Your Immune System With Foods and kinds of seasonal vegetables like broccoli, ginger, garlic, green leaves vegetables, etc. Always try to include seasonal citrus fruits in your diet like oranges, kiwi, Pomegranate blueberries, etc.

Proper Sleep:


Just like machines our body also needs time to rest. So always have a night of adequate sleep. Many people suggest 7 hours of sleep is nice and healthy for an average adult.

Regular Exercise:


Exercising daily for at least 20 minutes is recommended. Exercising increase blood flow in the body which increase oxygen and immunity cells circulation in the body. Regularly Exercise also beneficial for de-stressing.

Quit Smoking and Alcohol:

Smoking is surely injurious to health. It degrades from inside and leads to multiple organ failure. Tobacco causes many types of cancer in the body part. Excessive alcohol can damage the liver and kidney and also sleep disorder.

Positive Thinking:

A healthy body starts with a healthy mind. If your mind is full of stress and negativity you won’t feel good about yourself either. A negative mind cannot do any positive work. So, try to fill your mind with positivity and out of stress. Meditation helps control thoughts and also helps in reducing stress.

Adopting these things in daily lifestyle will surely lead to boost immunity system in a body. Stay healthy stay fit!

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