5 Tips For Maintaining Your Beard

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You don’t know how to take care of your beard effectively? Discover in five points the simple tips to maintain your beard on a daily basis.

Choosing to grow or wear a long or thick beard implies that you know how to maintain it. And indeed, the maintenance of the beard is a subject that concerns more than one these days.

Many men still wonder how to take care of their beard so that it is always clean and silky. Make your beard soft ,We will, therefore, present to you in this article 5 beautiful tips to maintain your beard.

Here are the 6 steps to having a beautiful, even and well-trimmed beard.

Find out with us how you can go about obtaining a satisfactory result using organic or natural products offered by Le Sybarite.

  • 1. Clean your beard well
  • 2. Moisturize your beard
  • 3. Brush your beard regularly throughout the day
  • 4. Trim your beard
  • 5. Maintaining your beard is every day!

1. Clean your beard well


Start cleaning your beard by ridding it of any type of dirt it may have retained. In fact, your beard may have retained some residue from meals from the day before; we think in particular of our colleagues who compete with Father Fouras and Dumbledore.

Then proceed to wash the beard, using in particular organic cosmetic products for men: these effectively clean the beard while being respectful of the environment and your skin.

We recommend that you do not use hair shampoo for the fleece of your chin, since the skin there is more fragile than the scalp. Opt instead for the beard care products offered by Le Sybarite for example, which selects its products from French artisans and ensures that they are made in France in an ecological approach and that they are not tested on animals.

How often you wash your beard depends on the activities you do during the day. You can think about cleaning it every day if you exercise daily, without abusing the product ( shampoo or shaving soap ) that you obviously use.

2. Moisturize your beard

Hydration is an essential step in the maintenance of the beard. At this stage, the choice of good beard oil is essential. Take into account that your hairs are fed from the bottom to the tips.

The carefully selected beard oil will keep your tuft in good health, which will give you a certain feeling of cleanliness at all times. Here again, it is advisable to turn to organic cosmetics (or even to make your own beard oil for the bravest). Because most of these products are designed with your well-being and your health as a priority; the components are therefore selected in this logic, and the production process is part of the same approach.

Taking care of your beard, and your body in general, helps you build confidence. This is why it should be done with products that protect you! And this is what Le Sybarite takes care of.

3. Brush your beard regularly throughout the day

Eh yes! As with the hair, brushing the bristles is an effective trick in maintaining your beard. Frequent brushing of your fleece allows good blood circulation which will lead to beautiful beard growth. To do this, the beard brush is highly recommended for an outstanding rendering.

Whether you have folded, short, or long bristles, you can achieve the style you want if the brushing is done. Le Sybarite, a specialist in beard care products and articles, meets with suppliers to ensure that beard care articles (brush, etc.) are selected that take into account all needs. For example, favour natural products (brush with boar bristles) which avoid static electricity and facilitate brushing.

4. Trim your beard

This treatment is sometimes neglected by some men, who then have either a thick tuft or a completely shaved and very smooth chin. Yet while you enjoy stroking your beard once in a while, trimming it is as important as brushing.

Trimming your beard at least once a week allows you to have a cut of hair of the same length and even. So get a nice pair of scissors to remove excess hair from your beard.

By doing so, here too, of course, you can adopt the style and shape of beard that suits you.

5. Maintaining your beard is every day!

Spending time taking care of your beard will help you get to know it better. You will choose the appropriate products for this according to the reactions specific to your skin type. You will be able to listen to your skin and the evolution of your beard.

Have you decided to grow your beard? Or on the contrary, do you like having it flush? In either case, give it time each day, the equivalent of what you would have spent shaving. Trim, cleanse or even moisturize: your beard deserves a little gesture every day!

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