4 Tips To Break Your Relationship’s Routine

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Routine is one of the couple’s biggest enemies.

Very often, you build it without realizing it, when it is best to avoid it. But, how to do it?

  • The illusion of stability, a breeding ground for routine
    • You can’t agree on everything
    • Knowing how to accept conflict
    • Understand where the routine comes from to better break it
  • The 4 tips to break the routine
    • 1. Improvise
    • 2. Do activities in pairs
    • 3. Go on an impromptu trip
    • 4. Explore other sexual horizons

The illusion of stability, a breeding ground for routine

You don’t often realize it, but there are some practices and habits that promote routine in your relationship. But the routine is one of the most common causes of male and female infidelity and break when you are a couple.

In order to anticipate it or banish it from your relationship, you need to be able to know how it manifests. As a man, you owe it to yourself to take responsibility, and to be very attentive, so that you can make the right decisions in due time.

You can’t agree on everything


One of the things that make a relationship more routine is pretending to get along well. In a Relationship, you cannot agree on everything. You can appreciate the advisability of an outing or an expense, without your partner being of the same opinion.

But as long as you agree on everything, and even the less likely things, it’s a trap and after some time, their interest will end in you and She Wants to Leave You. Change your mind quickly enough at the risk of facing a time bomb. Because yes, the illusion of good understanding in a couple is a bomb that, sooner or later, will come right back to you. So learn to clearly state your differences of opinion. The more different you are, the less inclined you are to routine.

Knowing how to accept conflict


Also, when you avoid conflict each time, you are creating a “false peace” in your relationship, and allowing routine to gain ground. When, in your relationship, you avoid conflict so as not to frustrate your partner, you somehow give up your masculine identity.

In fact, conflict is not an end in itself. On the contrary, it is a way to better understand each other, and to identify your mutual expectations. As a man, you must assert yourself in your relationship, without being a dictator. Likewise, you must be able to alternate between the role of the good father, and that of the sexual male, to break the routine.

Understand where the routine comes from to better break it


In addition, the routine begins to take possession of your relationship when the life of your partner no longer interests you too much. The little attentions at the beginning give way to daily silence and to a disinterest that sometimes you do not explain to yourself. Likewise, you are no longer motivated or inspired to do something together.

Ideally, you make yourself available for dinner, and then collapse into your bed. Added to this is the rarity of intimate moments, or their overly predictable nature.

You no longer necessarily feel the lack of your partner, his presence is sometimes indifferent to you. These are the pitfalls of routine. But this is not inevitable! We are therefore going to give you some tips to overcome the routine and find a fully fulfilled couple life!

The 4 tips to break the routine

There is no miracle cure to avoid or break the routine in your relationship. Moreover, it may even happen that you fully enjoy this daily routine. The fact remains that you can anticipate it, or bans it when it begins to settle in your relationship.

1. Improvise

If you can’t be blamed for planning everything when it comes to household and couple expenses, you can’t apply the same principle to your daily life as a couple. Planning everything is a mistake to avoid. Every Sunday, having lunch with the family, visiting the country house every last weekend of the month, shopping on Saturday afternoons, these are the pitfalls to be avoided.

Sometimes the best times in a relationship are those that you don’t plan ahead, and circumstances impose on you, but which give you great pleasure. Make room for the unexpected, let yourself go into the unknown, and routine will flee you.

2. Do activities in pairs

Another tip to avoid routine in your relationship: do activities for two. You both love tennis, so why not organize a session on a Sunday morning to challenge yourself? Suggest rules like “the loser will wash the dishes all week”, or “the loser will pick up the children from school for 1 month”. Something to motivate you more, and enjoy the pleasure of life in a different way.

The more ingenious you are, and the more you share moments together, the more chance you have of finding your lost bond , or of maintaining it if it already exists.

Swimming and thrills are also examples of activities that you can do together. Games in the “truth action” genre also have the gift of brightening up the life of a couple, and teach you more about your partner.

Finally, accompanying your partner for his shopping would also be charming and this, without offending your ego as a man.

3. Go on an impromptu trip

For a couple with children, it is difficult to escape the routine. Between housework, monitoring the children during school periods, and work, the routine sets in very quickly.

This is why, from time to time, indulge yourself in making a trip to the city next door, or to a quiet region. Leave the children with the grandparents, and get on board. An improvised weekend in Sicily by the beach, two days in Venice or Florence, let your imagination guide you, and your partner will be delighted.

And if you can’t look after the children, a family weekend in the mountains or in a different world from yours will allow you to get some fresh air together. And no need to spend crazy sums for it!

4. Explore other sexual horizons

The routine also integrates the intimate or sexual side of your couple. You will quickly get bored between the Andromache and the classic missionary.

So break the routine, and let yourself be guided by other sexual experiences that will give fun to your sex life.

You can be inspired by the positions of the kamasutra, use sex toys, as you can without planning to make love by the pool, in the living room, in the garden.

Watch out for children all the same! The idea is in fact to bring something new to the daily life of a couple, to think outside the box and for two, to explore other realities.

So which of the tips will you start with?

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