35 Ideas for An Amazing bachelorette Party

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Looking for original ideas for your bachelorette party or that of your friend? Here is absolutely everything you need to inspire you and turn that moment into a special celebration that none of the attendees will forget.

In this article, you will find alternatives, ideas and games for bachelorette parties of all budgets and imaginable tastes.

What to do at a bachelorette party? 35 options to choose from

The bachelorette party is a tradition in which the bride meets with the trusted women in her life, say, family members or friends, to celebrate her marriage and receive support, advice and blessings from all.

Sure, these tips and blessings can be received at a leisurely mid-day brunch, at a Spa, or in the middle of a strip show. That already depends on the tastes of the bride, the budget and the creativity of the organizer.

Let’s look at 35 great ideas that you can choose from.

1: Rent a suite with a jacuzzi

If the list of guests at your bachelorette party is rather small, renting a night in a luxury room in a good hotel with everything and a hydromassage jacuzzi is an intimate, relaxing option that can be paid for without suffering too much from the budget.

Search the Internet for hotels nearby that stand out for their decoration or atmosphere, and when you call to reserve, explain to them that you want to have your bachelorette party there. Sometimes they offer you special promotions or gifts, like a bottle of champagne.

2: Go to an amusement park

If adrenaline is your thing, get out of the ordinary by organizing your farewell at an amusement or theme park. Try to arrive early with all your friends and have one or two group leaders, so they don’t disperse or waste hours making long lines.

Don’t forget to bring a kit with anti-seasickness and anti-nausea pills in case any of your guests end up feeling sick.

3: Strippers at home!

They are a classic and spicy alternative to surprise the bride at the bachelorette party. You can find dancers doing strippers at home in newspaper classifieds, but it’s easier and safer to do it online at agencies.

Preferably contact an agency that is trusted or recommended. In addition, you can request that your stripper arrive dressed as a policeman, a fireman, or any other characterization that the bride likes.

4: Go to a chip & dale show

If you want a fiery experience, but also variety, you can choose to go to a chip and dale show instead of just hiring a stripper at home. They usually have several different performances and a presenter who makes the evening fun as well as sexy.

5: Hire a comedian

Who said you can only hire one stripper for a bachelorette party? In fact, there are already comedian services who have a special comedy monologue for events like bachelorette parties.

You can even tell the comedian a little about the bride and groom to make contextual jokes specifically designed to make the bride laugh.

6: Go camping

If you want to do something completely different to say goodbye to your single status, instead of the typical party you can organize a camping trip to a nearby destination. With everything and tents and stories around the campfire.

Always choose a safe place inside a national park with surveillance or a specific area for campers, and do not forget the repellent.

7: Cooking together

Giving your bachelorette party guests an amazing menu doesn’t have to mean that you have to do all the work or have to hire a caterer.

You can organize to cook together and then enjoy a great dinner made with love by yourselves.

As there are going to be many hands, they can be used to make complex dishes that you don’t normally prepare due to lack of time.

8: Drag Queens Show

If you don’t fancy strippers, but still want an interesting show, give a show of night queens, transvestites or drag queens a try. They usually imitate famous singers and their clothing and talent are surprising.

9: Take a professional photoshoot

Your farewell can also be the ideal pretext to get pretty and hire a professional photographer capable of portraying the best angle of each one, and of course, taking an unforgettable portrait of all together.

Don’t forget to give each of the attendees the printing of an individual and group photo, as well as access to a shared folder with all the photos in digital. You can even create an album on Instagram.

10: Rent a limo

If it is about glamour and they have a sufficient budget, they can agree to rent a limousine that will take them on a night tour of the most representative and luminous points of the city. Don’t forget the wine or champagne.

11: Gotcha!

Planning a wedding can be really stressful. And there is nothing quite as liberating as shooting paintballs at your friends and family.

It may not be the most suitable bachelorette party if many of your guests are already older, but it is undoubtedly an excellent option to say goodbye to your single status in the company of your roughest friends.

12: Weekend at a beach house

The chances are that one or two of your friends know someone who has a house on the beach or in the mountains and who rents it at a reasonable price on weekends. They can also use an Airbnb. The point is that you take advantage of space just for you in a particularly beautiful destination.

13: Celtic ritual with nature

If the bride is a fan of holistic lifestyle, metaphysics and nature, they can exchange the typical bachelorette party for a ritual of reconnecting with their magical femininity somewhere in the forest.

Where each of the attendees shares words of wisdom, good wishes and valuable experiences with the bride.

14: Themed game rally

In reality, organizing a rally is not that difficult, and for a bachelorette party, you can put together a thematic one that leads the guests to discover puzzles around emblematic places of the couple, such as the place where they met or where they got engaged. Rallies are ideal for mixed stag parties.

15: Casino

If you don’t have much desire or time to plan your bachelorette party, you can agree to go have fun at a casino. You do not have to reserve a table, they are open all night, the food is usually good and many have an open bar and a disco.

16: Theme night

If the bride is a fan of some era or historical moment, they can make a Victorian, the sixties, medieval, Japanese themed night or any other that she may especially enjoy.

17: Noon brunch

Bachelorette parties don’t necessarily have to be late at night or wild. If you’re not into the never-ending party business, you can host a super fancy brunch at noon with snacks and soft music.

It is a type of bachelorette party especially recommended if you are getting married the next day and you do not want to arrive at your wedding awake or tired.

18: Costume bachelorette party

You can throw a fantastic costume party to celebrate you are getting married. You can even ask all attendees to dress up as a bride or to wear the dress they wore to be bridesmaids at another wedding.

If you get married in late October or early November, you can take advantage of the Halloween celebrations to gather a horde of zombie brides that terrorize the neighbourhood.

19: Rent a yacht

If the limousine seems little to you for that special day, you can always organize to rent a yacht together, with everything and a captain to take them and bring them safely.

Consider that not many people enjoy being at sea, so make sure it is a plan that everyone will be comfortable with.

20: Parachute Diving

Few things make us release as much adrenaline as the anticipation of a wedding, and one of them is parachuting. If you want to face a super intense emotion that will make you reach the altar much more relaxed, jump from a plane to thousands of feet of heights.

Did we mention that parachute jump instructors are usually super-sexy?

21: Go bowling

Another option for an express bachelorette party that requires almost no organization is to get together with your friends for a bowling tournament. If there are many guests, you can ask at the bowling alley if they would rent the place just for you.

22: Mixed bachelorette party

Although it is the style that only women go to bachelorette parties, and only men go to bachelor parties, in reality, this is just a social convention that you do not have to adhere to.

You and your partner can even have a single bachelor party to save your budget and multiply the fun.

23: Karaoke

The great thing about karaoke is that you can go to a specialized singer-bar or just get a speaker, a screen and a couple of microphones to set up karaoke at home.

It is a perfect plan for a bachelorette party that has to be organized quickly and on a budget.

24: Pole dance class

You and your friends can schedule a private pole dance class at an academy near you, you will have the instructor all to yourself and the bride will be able to learn some tube basics to surprise the groom on the honeymoon.

25: Spa

Another great classic for the hen night. Especially if you organize it the day before the wedding.

In these cases, it is much better to dedicate the day to relaxation and pampering yourself with massages and beauty treatments, than to partying and alcohol.

26: Night of challenges

Now that, if you and your friends really want to go crazy, you can invent some fun challenges, such as talking to an ex-boyfriend, flirting with a stranger on the street, or buying someone a drink in a bar, write them down on paper, fold them put them in a bag and choose them at random.

We guarantee you many moments that you will laugh at for a lifetime.

27: Go to a concert

Perfect for when the group of friends is enthusiastic about the same band or the same musical genre. They can also buy tickets to the bride’s favourite artist if she shows up around those dates and takes her as a surprise.

28: Road Trip

A typical road trip to the beach or the mountains with an incredible playlist to listen to and sing along the way, have lunch in a magical town and feel the freedom of the road is an unforgettable experience for any group of friends.

Of course, drive with great responsibility and take turns at the wheel so as not to tire.

27: Visit a magical town

Almost all major cities have magical town options within a two-hour drive. Each magical town usually has some particular characteristic: its architecture, its gastronomy, its crafts, etc.

Choose a destination that is particularly akin to the bride’s tastes.

28: GoKarts

GoKarts are single-seater carts that have a very fun design and are used for racing on short tracks.

There are many places where you and your companions can rent several of these vehicles and have your own competition to see who can win the race. Do not forget to use all the relevant protective equipment.

29: Shooting range

They say learning how to fire a gun is exciting and liberating. See for yourself by attending a shooting class at a professional range. A trained instructor will make sure it is a safe and fun experience.

30: Movie Marathon

There is no quicker and easier plan to organize than a movie marathon. Just ask each of your friends to bring a romantic comedy and some snacks.

Make sure there are plenty of cushions and blankets so that everyone is comfortable and ready, to enjoy without pressure.

31: Shopping at a Night Sale

Get your credit cards ready and sign up for one of those late-night department store sales where everything has great discounts. They can end the night at a bar after- hours or return home to show off everything they’ve bought.

32: hot air balloon

Any pretext is good to get on a hot air balloon with your friends, especially if one of them is about to take the big step of getting married. He considers that it is not a very suitable plan for people who are afraid of heights.

33: Go to a vineyard

Many vineyards have guided tours along which they explain the wonderful process of planting and harvesting the vine, and the creation of wine. They usually end with tastings and good music.

34: Surprise Bachelorette Party

How is there not going to be a hen party? Well, that’s what the bride thinks.

As with any surprise party, plan to have everything you need ready for an unforgettable evening without the bride noticing until the last minute. Just make sure you don’t interrupt other plans on your schedule.

35: Sleepover

If you remember the sleepovers you did with your friends when you were a child or a teenager, some unique moments of fun and complicity will surely come to mind.

Repeat that magical experience before your big day and jump back on the bed while having a pillow fight with your besties .

How to organize a bachelorette party at home?

In general, the wedding does not leave much budget for the bachelorette party, so it is very common for it to end up organizing at the house of the bride or one of her friends.

But don’t worry, there are hundreds of activities and details that you can include in a farewell of this type so that, without having to go to an expensive place, it is a fun and stimulating experience for everyone.

The most important thing is that you first consider the number of attendees to the hen party, and then check which of them could put their house for the event.

Choose a location that is a good size to receive them all, and that at the same time is central.

Sometimes the bride’s home is not the best option because it puts an extra dose of stress on her, the last thing she needs before her big day.

How to make a simple bridal shower?

“Simple” doesn’t have to mean “boring.” It simply means that you are not spending too much budget or time in the organization.

The best way to ensure that a simple bridal shower is going to be fun is to invite only the people closest to the bride.

The fewer there are, the easier it will be to organize everything and the more intimate the evening will be. The important thing is that all have a great attitude of celebration and happiness for the bride who is about to begin a new stage of great importance.

Games for a bachelorette party

Here are some classic hen party games. But don’t rule out the option of inventing some of your own:

Quiz game: How well do you know the bride?

In this game, the bride asks the assistants questions about herself, such as: What is my favourite colour? How did I meet the boyfriend? What do I like the most about him? How many children do I want to have? Etc.

Game: The Honeymoon Alphabet

The bride must randomly choose a letter from the alphabet, and then each of the assistants has to say something that cannot be missing on the honeymoon and that begins with that letter.

The idea is that nobody repeats himself. For example, if the letter turned out to be “S”, they could say “sex”, “seduction”, “security”, “sheets”, “outings”, and so on.

Game: Old follies with the girlfriend

For this game, you will need to give each of the guests a blank card and a pen or marker.

What they have to do is write a funny anecdote that they had with the girlfriend and then shuffle the cards and pass them out. Each person reads the card they were given at random and tries to find out who wrote it.

Game: Premarital Advice

As in the previous one, you distribute paper and pencil among the attendees. Only, this time, each of them is going to write, anonymously, some spicy or funny advice that they want to give the bride before getting married.

The game is that the bride must guess whose tip is from.

Game: Whose gift is it?

For this game to work, you need to advise the guests that they should not put a name card on the gift they bring to the farewell.

In this way, while the bride is opening them, she can also try to find out who gave her what. The funniest thing is when you have to explain why you associated a certain gift with a certain person.

Game: Toilet Paper Dressmakers

The idea of ​​this dynamic is that the guests make a “wedding dress” for the fiancee using only rolls of toilet paper and their imagination. Sure, they can get creative and also use towels and napkins. Don’t forget to take a photo.

Game: What did you see the boyfriend?

In this game, each of those present has to guess the main reason why the bride is in love with the groom.

In the end, the winner is the one with the best answer. It can also be done with variants of questions like what do I like least about the boyfriend? What do I know will never change in the boyfriend? Etc.

Game: Honeymoon for all

You will need a long sheet of paper and a pen.

The idea is to write at the top of the page a phrase such as “on the honeymoon the boyfriend and I are going to”, and each of the guests has to write something that comes to mind and close the sentence with “and then we go to…”.

Then you will fold that section of the sheet back so that the next person does not know what you wrote.

In turn, someone else will write something and close with a “and then we will …”, and so on until everyone has participated. In the end, the bride will unfold the list and read everything she “has to do” on her honeymoon.

Fun ideas for bachelorette parties

In addition to the games and the theme, you can include in the bachelorette party a lot of details and fun ideas that will make the event much more enjoyable. We give you some examples below:

a) Bands of “Miss”

Just as in the Miss Universe contests the participants wear bands with the name of your country, you can have some personalized bands that say funny things like “miss girlfriend” “miss best friend” “miss mother in law” “miss friend of a friend ”,“ miss organizer ”etc.

b) Print souvenir shirts

If you have some extra budget, you can surprise your guests with a specially designed patterned shirt for your bachelorette party.

They may have phrases like “I did go to whore’s farewell” or a cartoon of the bride, for example.

There are many places where they print on plain shirts for a fairly modest amount.

c) Give a hangover kit

If you’re going to have one of those wild, unrestricted bachelorette parties, it’s highly likely that you or your friends will end up hungover the next day.

Therefore, in these cases, you can distribute an emergency hangover kit that includes a hydrating serum, makeup remover wipes, breath mints and a sleep mask, for example.

d) Make a shared photo album

In applications like Facebook and Instagram you can already make shared photo albums so that all the photos of an event are registered on the same site with a hashtag.

You can also create one or more special stickers to add to the photos and make them even more fun.

e) Make a raffle

If you want to thank your friends for all the support they have given you, you can buy some nice details for your guests that are different from each other and organize a small raffle to see who gets what.

Just make sure there are enough gifts so none of them leaves empty-handed.

Ideas for cheap bachelorette parties

There are three fundamental things in any bachelorette party: the activities, the food and the attitude.

Fortunately, there are many fun activities that don’t need more than a roll of toilet paper or paper and pencil. Good attitude does not cost a penny and food can be among all.

Try to make a list of moderate requests, such as a casserole casserole, soda, dessert, disposable, etc. And, above all, it controls so that some things are not duplicated and others are missing.

As for alcoholic beverages, the bride or the organizer can buy a couple of bottles, and let the rest of the entourage carry whatever they want to drink.

That way they don’t have to spend on alcohol for everyone, and it may even be that many of the guests prefer not to drink.

They can do something very simulated regarding the theme of games. In the invitation, in addition to advising that each person must bring something, indicate that they must also bring a game or a planned activity.

If you think about it, everyone can put in a little money and time that does not affect their pocket or their schedule and thus have a very fun bachelorette party.

What do you do at a bachelor party?

If you are organizing your bachelorette party, that means that the groom or his friends are also organizing the counterpart: the bachelor party.

Normally, we think of bachelor parties as wild gatherings that always involve alcohol, nudists, and excess in every way.

If this worries you, you can always resort to a strategy that does not fail: suggest several different alternatives to the boyfriend to celebrate the end of his singleness. Choose sports activities that boys traditionally like. Some examples can be:

  • Gotcha
  • GoKarts
  • Jump from the parachute
  • Hang gliding
  • Jump from the bunjee

As you can see, all these activities include a considerable dose of adrenaline and intensity, which is what men traditionally look for in bachelor parties.

We recommend that before starting to plan your respective farewells, you and the groom speak clearly and frankly about what they would not like to happen at each other’s farewell.

This depends on each couple, but it is very important that they talk about it, because if they find out that the other did something “out of bounds” at the farewell, that could even ruin the big day of the wedding.


The bachelorette party is a super feminine and fun celebration that you cannot miss before your wedding.

If you have the budget and time, organize it in advance and treat your guests with unexpected surprises.

If not, it is not a pretext for you not to have your farewell, you already saw that organizing one can be done in a very short time and with a very low budget.

Have more ideas for games, places, and fun details for an unforgettable bridal shower? Don’t forget to share them with future brides in the comments!

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