3 Proven Ways to Know If Your Girlfriend Is Cheating on You On WhatsApp

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If your partner is acting strange and does not let you touch his phone, surely some questions are constantly on your mind such as: “Is he being unfaithful to me? How do I know if my girlfriend is cheating on me on WhatsApp? ».

Here we will explain 3 very effective ways to act like a true private investigator that will help you confirm if your girlfriend is cheating on you via instant text messaging.

The three methods that we will present to you are the most effective, but they may not be legal in all cities. So, it’s up to you to decide to apply them:

1. Find out who you talk to the most (60% effective)

This method requires you to review the contact list on your girlfriend’s phone. See who you exchange the most messages within the app.

You may not know it, but WhatsApp allows you to monitor interactions between contacts. To do this, you must have your phone in your hands and long enough for the application to show you all the statistics.

The method is very simple and is the same regardless of whether the device is iPhone or Android:

  1. Open WhatsApp, go to the menu and choose the Settings option.
  2. Select “Data and Storage”.
  3. Go to the option “Storage usage” and select it.

Now you should see a ranking of contacts and groups with whom your partner frequently exchanges messages. Look at the names of the contacts in search of any strangers.

Although it may set off alarms, this list alone doesn’t completely prove that your partner is doing something wrong. The ideal is to have other evidence before accusing her of infidelity with that person.

2. Use espionage techniques (100% effective)

The first method has the limitation that you will not be able to see your girlfriend’s conversations with that person. Also, claiming her just because she talks to someone a lot can go very wrong: you acknowledge that you invaded their privacy and have no actual evidence of the accusation.

To get proof that your girlfriend is unfaithful, you should use spy apps. In the market there are many, but here we are going to show you the best:


This application is free, it has a lot of advertising, but it allows you to have access to all your girlfriend’s chats. Its function is to clone the application account on another device.

You just have to download the application on your phone or tablet and take your girlfriend’s phone to scan the QR code from her device, as if it were a WhatsApp Web session.

From that moment you will be able to see all the conversations you have with your contacts instantly on the device you cloned on.

She won’t notice and you don’t need to have her phone nearby, just that both devices (yours and hers) have an internet connection.


It is a software that you must download and allows you to see everything that happens on your girlfriend’s device.

This application has the advantage that you can spy on their text messages and their activity in applications such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and chats of any application. It also allows you to monitor calls and activate GPS to see the location in real-time.

It has some disadvantages:

  • You must have your partner’s device to install and configure the application.
  • It is not free and its cost can be high.

Do these methods have disadvantages?

Yes, although you will be able to know for sure if your girlfriend is cheating on you on WhatsApp, spying on someone’s conversations is considered a crime in many countries.

On the one hand, you might have enough evidence to confront your girlfriend, but what if you find that she is not cheating on you? Is it worth betraying your trust and invading your privacy? How long will you keep the idea that he is cheating on you?

3. Send a misleading message (80% effective) 

As strange as it may seem, this method is also illegal in most countries, since it is considered identity theft, so keep this in mind when thinking about how to know if your partner is cheating on you on the mobile.

Grab their phone and add a new contact with the name of the person you suspect is cheating on you with. Use a number that is unknown to her. The method is to send a fake message in which you pose as her supposed lover.

Try to make the lie believable using even the same profile picture as him, so that she does not suspect anything. Now you must send him a message with the number you just added to the phonebook and wait for his response.

What message can you send?

Speak differently from how you usually express yourself and try to make it a somewhat spicy message. This way you will not arouse suspicion and see how she responds to risque messages.

What can you expect in their response? 

If she is cheating on you, her response will go along with what you have sent her, but if she is not cheating on you with that person, she could suspect that it is a trap set by you, especially if you have already accused her of infidelity.

Additional tip: how to get your girlfriend’s phone number? 

As you have seen, all the methods require access to your girlfriend’s phone, something that is not easy to do. If she really is cheating on you, she will surely be very careful and will not leave her mobile within your reach.

The best way is to ask someone you trust for help to call your partner and then ask to speak with you. In this way, you can move away “to have more privacy in the call” and at that moment implement some of the methods.

How to know if my girlfriend deletes conversations on WhatsApp?

If your girlfriend has an iPhone, you can go to the settings menu, then the “account” option and then to “storage usage.” In that area, you will see the list of contacts with whom he has spoken and the number of messages exchanged.

There you will see all the people with whom you have conversed, even if their conversation was deleted and does not appear on the initial page of the application.

Unfortunately, there is no method for Android, since the application in this operating system only allows you to see the amount of multimedia content that contacts share.

Is there a way to hide conversations on WhatsApp?

Yes! Although there is no way to know what has already been deleted in this application, there is a way to hide a conversation.

The feature is called “archived chat” and it allows you to keep conversations hidden in plain sight. You just have to go to the bottom of the main screen where the chats are and you will find a small link that indicates “archived chats”.

Clicking on it will show you all the conversations she has hidden.

How to know if my girlfriend deletes WhatsApp messages on Android?

In Android, the only way to know a deleted chat is if it was recent and was deleted after the last backup.

How to do it? You must restore the backup from the application settings and all the conversations you had before doing it will be loaded.

Can a deleted backup be recovered?

Unfortunately, no, Android does not keep a history of messages exchanged per user, the only multimedia. If you deleted the conversation, the multimedia was also deleted and therefore the storage usage record.

How do I know who my partner is talking to on WhatsApp?


Some methods on how to tell if your partner is cheating on you on Facebook or WhatsApp include using spyware or directly checking their phone. Which is better?

If you want a simple method, we recommend spyware such as FlexiSpy, mSpy or applications to clone and keep sessions open on other devices. In this way, you will have real-time control of everything your partner does with their device.

Application to know if your partner is cheating on you on WhatsApp

Are you looking for how to know if your partner is cheating on you on the phone through applications? Here we leave you 4 options for Android and iPhone:

Cocospy for Android and iPhone

It is monitoring software that allows you to have control over all the messages exchanged on WhatsApp and everything that is recorded on the phone (messages, calls, use of applications, exact location and time of use of the device).

What applications does it control? WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Viber and it is also capable of tracking and controlling the SIM.

How to use? Create an account on their page, download the application on your partner’s phone (you must do it from their official website; a file with a .apk extension for Android and for iOS you only have to buy the license).

Configure the application to track everything you want and finish by activating the hidden mode so that it cannot be detected by your partner. From the browser, you must enter the remote control panel, synchronize the data and that’s it! you will see all the information on your partner’s phone.


It is another undetectable monitoring software that allows you to have control over the device in which it is installed. It is capable of recording all the exchange of messages, recording the keystrokes and activating the microphone to make recordings at any time.

What other features does this application have? It allows you to send fake messages with untraceable virtual numbers, it has a mobile application with a control panel to access the data at any time and it works for both Android and iOS.

The only downside is that you have to pay for a membership to be able to access their services.

Clonapp Messenger for Android

Do you want a free app and your girlfriend has an Android device? Then this app could be the one you need. It allows you to clone the WhatsApp account from one device to another to keep it open on both at the same time.

How does it work? Download the application on your Android device, open the option that says Clonapp Messenger and then scan the QR code with your girlfriend’s phone from her WhatsApp (as if it were to open a session on WhatsApp Web).

You will have access to your partner’s account and the best thing is that there is no record left on their device. The only downside is that both you and your partner must have Internet access in order to view the messages.

Dual Messenger for WhatsApp WA for iPhone

You can download this application directly from the Apple App Store and its function is to clone a WhatsApp on another device.

How to use? In the same way as Clonapp: download and install Dual Messenger on your Apple device, open it and wait for the QR code to load. Open WhatsApp on your girlfriend’s device and select WhatsApp Web, scan the code and voila!

The advantages of this application are: it is completely free, you do not need to JailBreak your device, it is undetectable, the graphical interface is the same as WhatsApp and you will have full access to the messages that your girlfriend exchanges with her contacts.

In short … Is it worth spying on your partner?

  1. All the options that we show you are reliable and can give you tests to face possible cheating, but if you really want to know if your girlfriend is unfaithful, you should ask her. If you feel like you’ve grown apart or things have changed between you, it’s time to speak up.

Our opinion is that it is not worth spying on your partner’s WhatsApp, since in case you do not find anything and it is only your ideas, you will have violated their privacy. Also, would you keep spying? How does that help the relationship?

We hope that the question that was on your mind about: «How to know if my girlfriend is cheating on me on WhatsApp? has been resolved. We invite you to share this article on your social networks and to share your experiences with our readers.

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