3 proven ways to impress a woman

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If what you want is to impress a girl, you are in the right place. indeed, you cannot control her thoughts, much fewer feelings, however, if you manage to impress her, you can change her perspective of you.

You know, one thing leads to another, so the first step to making her fall in love is for her to be impressed by you, in this article you will learn the best ways to impress a woman.

Most men tend to think that women are very difficult to impress, some prefer not to try and others die trying to pretend who they are not.

Or simply doing extremely embarrassing things that far from impressing the only thing they achieve is making you look ridiculous.

Be natural

There is nothing more annoying for a girl than a man who lacks personality or imitates others, flirts with her or tries to date her, so never do it! You should always act natural, without trying to exaggerate your tone of voice or your walk.

The fact that you are yourself does not imply that you should not make any changes for your person, on the contrary, it means that you must be yourself and at the same time strive to be the best version of yourself every day.

You must always keep yourself clean, wear a cologne according to your personality, bathe daily and keep your teeth impeccable, wear the clothes that best suit your style, occasion and your physique.

Your clothing is very important and speaks a lot about you, you must choose your outfit carefully, you cannot dress in the same way if you go to your school graduation or your first date with the girl you like.

No matter how significant this date is for you, if you wear a smokin to go to have simple ice cream, she will surely be scared because she will think that you are going too fast, on the other hand, if you wear casual clothes but take great care to take care of your neatness and aroma, she will be impressed.

Think before speaking

Physique matters a lot, however, it is not everything. Do not expect to make a woman fall in love just because of your appearance, if you are a jerk, rude or if you do not respect her, no matter how handsome you may be, your behaviour counts a lot for her.

You must take care of what you speak in front of her, think before speaking, do not make offensive comments because of her physique and do not criticize anyone who has features similar to hers, avoid making macho comments.

Also, do not tell double meaning jokes (as funny as these may seem to you, they can seem offensive to a girl).

Do not talk about other girls, believe me, she is not interested in knowing how quickly you managed to get your old girlfriend to bed, this type of comments you can save for your friends.

Perhaps it could seem like a long list of topics that you cannot mention in front of a girl you like, but it is easier than you think, you just have to evaluate what you are going to say.

Just think for a moment if you would like them to speak or express themselves that way in front of your sister or your mother. Do you see it? It is very simple, watch what you speak and you will surely surprise her because most of the boys overlook this important point.

Be kind

The fact that you behave politely does not mean that you are boring or that you are old-fashioned, it means that you have the education and know-how to treat people.

To impress a woman you must be nice to her, keep the door open so that she can enter / exit before you, carry her bag or help her if she is carrying something very heavy, always walk on the left side of the street when you go with her.

In turn, avoid saying bad words, these are characteristics that most girls look for in a man and that most overlook.

Being kind does not imply that you are only kind to her, your girl will notice how you behave with other people and if in doubt she will take it into account, so try to be kind to everyone without distinction.

In summary

Impressing a woman is not a task that is achieved overnight, you must earn points day by day and avoid losing them.

Impressing a woman is easier than you imagine, you only need to be consistent with the aforementioned points and add a bit of your ingenuity to conquer her.

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