25 Phrases And Openers to Flirt On WhatsApp

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Are you just starting out in the world of dating, but lack ideas to start a conversation? Here we will show you some WhatsApp openers that will help you to be successful in all your conquests through text messaging via the Internet.

These are not only for writing, but you can also use them as openers for discos or clubs. Although most of them are questions, we are going to group them according to some aspects:

Whatsapp openers of things of the past

These phrases are perfect when you already know the girl and have talked a bit with her, but you still have a hard time starting the conversation. They are simple questions that will make you know her a little better and know how to make her fall in love.

1. What were you really hooked on when you were a kid?

This is ideal to know if she liked a series and surprise her with some detail that brings back fond memories.

2. What trends did you follow when you were young?

3. What’s the best place you’ve been?

You can surprise her by taking her to that special and  inspiring places for the first meeting.

4. When was the last time you worked a lot?

5. What smell brings back fond memories of childhood?

Tastes and preferences

6. What very popular thing do you see everywhere, but it bothers you a lot?

Talking about series, fashion trends, artists (or whatever) will give you a lot to talk about.

7. What opinions do you have on controversial topics?

Depending on the context of the conversation or how well you know it, you can directly ask about abortion, equal marriage, the death penalty, among others.

8. What habits bother you about others? What is the least you can bear?

9. What is the object that you carry with you everywhere and you can never miss it?

10. Do you prefer to travel alone or in a group?

Here you can take the opportunity to ask about which destinations you want to visit, the advantages of travelling as a couple or in a group …

11. What is your favourite food/restaurant?

Very important to propose a date and that you cannot resist accepting.

12. What bothers you so much that others don’t seem to care?

Pick up lines

It may sound cliché, but although some deny it, we all like to be treated well, that from time to time they send us a message that makes us smile silly in front of the phone and, I assure you, they are excellent WhatsApp openers.

13. Your smile is the most beautiful thing I have seen in my life.

Smile / eyes / hair / nose / fashion style, any attribute (non-sexual) is valid for this compliment. Surely he responds with emoticons or some clever phrase.

14. Your face has jumped to my mind, so I decided to write to you.

Perfect if you are getting to know the girl, you have her number but you didn’t really know what to write to start the conversation. It’s an indirect compliment that works very well.

Interest in knowing her a little better

Whether you get to know her or have time doing it, these examples of openers to conquer( Conquering a Woman or man) on WhatsApp will work for you because you will make her feel special and that you pay attention to her.

15. What would make you happy?

16. What is your guilty pleasure?

He will surely laugh before confessing it to you since they are usually common or silly, but they bring him great joy.

17. What is your dumbest fear?

18. What are you brilliant at?

We are all good at something. Many times we do not show it, but being able to express it makes us feel good. If she tells you nothing, don’t believe her; joke with her until he finds out.

19. What television series do you currently watch? What books do you read?

20. What do you do to get rid of stress?

Ask her if you can accompany her next time. Indirectly, it will be a date where you can keep trying your flirting techniques.

21. What strange talents do you have?

Maybe he works magic, has incredible flexibility …

22. What is your favourite music/film genre?

23. What applications are your favourites? Which ones do you use most often?

24. Would you eat in a restaurant that was really dirty, if the food was amazing?

25. What haunts you?

These are some phrases that you can use to open a conversation by any means, but if you want to know more tips about chatting on WhatsApp, continue reading the steps that we will describe.

How to start a conversation on WhatsApp?

It will depend a lot to a great extent on how much you know it, so I am going to give you an almost infallible formula that will help you in your process of conquest. We are going to divide it into steps:

Step 1: Identify the context

Have you known her recently? Have you only seen it once? Do you have a time getting to know her? For what reason do you want to write? Is there a justification for you to write to him?

These are some of the questions you should ask yourself to continue. The longer you’ve talked to her in person, the more likely you are to get a response, regardless of what you write to her.

If you know her little or only once, start the conversation cautiously and reminding her of who you are. In any of the 3 cases, you can recall previous encounters, attract their interest and be opportune to make an appointment.

Step 2: Generate emotions

If you want to connect with her on a superficial level to gain her trust little by little, use small talk: talk about the weather, ask her how her day has been, tell her something funny or important that goes through your head at that moment …

You can also start the conversation with a compliment, it will feel important and appreciated. Of course, you must ensure that it is appropriate: honest, respectful and unique. If you are new to the world of dating 2.0, we suggest you skip this technique.

Emotions in the conversation for when you already know her

Other emotions that you can create are romantic or sexual, but you must have some time getting to know her and have established a connection. If you want to start a romantic conversation, tell him about the magic of love.

If you want to create a sexual context, do it in a respectful way, with slight insinuations, without mentioning it directly so as not to be heavy or daring.

Step 3: E weigh your options

You already know what kind of relationship they have and if you have any reason to write to him. But if you’re not quite sure where you are standing, we suggest something that almost always works: send a funny GIF saying hello.

It is a great way to break the ice and start small to create good communication between you.

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