15 Tips for Handling Men

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We cannot deny that we have our weapons to know how to handle men. We can be tender, persuasive, and strategic to achieve the goal.

Are you ready to meet your potential? Today we will tell you 15 ways to get that boy to do exactly what you want.

1.Cry with feeling

Surely you have already used this strategy, right? And, if you haven’t, you are about to meet one of the best manipulation tools. 

There are many clichés of women who manage to evade legal sentences and fines because they cry sentimentally in front of a police officer, as well as they can get fewer years in prison using this same strategy.

This is often because men have a protective instinct towards women, so they easily get uncomfortable and feel compassion when they see her cry.

2.Pretend to be helpless

Do you know what makes your boy feel good? Stay safe by his side. So when you ask for their help, their ego will swell.

If you pretend to be completely helpless to do something, like fix the garbage disposal, he will feel like he must help you. You may not want to do it because it disgusts you, but by assuming this attitude you will get him to take over.

3.Fill him with compliments every time he makes a sacrifice for you.

When he does something that you consider exceptional, fill it with compliments. In this way, you will easily become addicted to hearing flattering and loving words.

We girls often use this strategy so that our boyfriends please us in almost everything we want.

4.Seduce him

This is one of the favourite games of many girls: to persuade their partners with their charms. So if you’re already confident enough to flirt with a tight outfit, go for it!

I assure you that with this you could make him a little more docile, make him more available to you because he also hopes that you care for him.

Also read our guide on how to seduce a man

5.Use a cute nickname to insist

Most of us women have ever given a boyfriend a cute nickname and, if you have to, use it when you want to ask him for something.

It will give you the advantage of persuading him simply by calling him a name he likes.

6.Hug him

Don’t underestimate the power of a hug. He may be sad, angry, or distant, but if he loves you, a gesture like this will motivate him.

Combine it with a back or neck massage. They will feel so comfortable that they will not question what you ask of them.

7.Use your competitive spirit to your advantage

You can subtly comment on how your ex – or some other guy you know – always helps their girlfriends, for example, in the kitchen.

This will be enough for your competitive instinct to kick in and you feel the need to “beat” the “opponent.”

8.Act cool and disinterested

Being quiet and serious works best when a guy is going to do something we don’t like.

By simply answering their questions with “ok”, “okay” or “whatever you want,” they will quickly detect that you disagree and will try to “negotiate” with you to make you feel better.

9.Have the last word


We love to have the last word in any discussion because it is another way to manipulate guys.

This happens because, depending on what you say at the close of a conversation or fight, it has the power to drive him crazy with anger or worry.

10.Pretend to agree

If you want to win an argument and he doesn’t want to give up, pretend that you agree with him to end the dilemma, but make sure you sound sarcastic so he knows you’re pretending.

11.Take out the rags in the sun

Every man has a dark side that works against him when we want to pressure him to change something. Emphasize their failures and their insecurities to make them improve aspects of their life that make you feel better.

12.Use your best physical qualities

Girls have attributes that drive boys crazy. So, take advantage of this to seduce him, mislead him and ask him for something you want.

13.Pretend to be submissive

We do this by speaking quietly and telling you that you are right.

If you try this strategy, he will believe that you intend to please him in everything and, as a consequence, he will be more receptive to comply with your demands as well.

14.Act like you don’t know anything

Most of the time, this only works if the boy is the dummy and the girl is smart. This consists of pretending that you don’t know how to do something and need their help, so they will surely do all the work for you.

15.Scold him

Sometimes it’s all a matter of being yourself and treating him like an upset mom because the son didn’t do what she wanted, so it’s time to give him his good scolding so that he knows what to do.

Men are generally very peaceful and conciliatory, so they won’t hesitate to do what you want, just to end your annoyance or unnecessary argument.

How are men to be treated?


Men generally like their partner to feel safe with him. And to achieve this, you must do things like: look him more in the eye, praise the good things he does, show him confidence … in this way, he will have the obligation to acquire a more serious commitment to you.

How can you make a man fall in love again?

If you always see it, they always write and they are always jealous, at any moment the flame will likely light.

Remember the saying that says: “where there were fire ashes remain”. It is true in this case, because, like us, men are also very melancholic and miss all kinds of affection and sweet moments that only a girl could give them. 

How should a womanizing man be treated?

In the case of potential liars and toxic relationships, it’s all up to you. Know when to say: enough! No one is born tied to a womanizer.

Set limits and do not feel obliged to keep a person who does not value you by your side.                     

How to dominate a man psychologically?

Knowing how to handle men psychologically is not as complicated as it sounds. All the strategies described in this article serve perfectly to persuade your boy and make him act at your convenience.

If you apply them and notice that he is more attentive and accommodating, then you have achieved it.

How to treat men to have them in the palm of my hand?

Men are like children: if you indulge them in certain whims, they will want to listen to you in the things you ask for.

In other cases, you just have to get over it at something. Men never expect you to beat them in a video game, in a challenge, or even on a professional level; In this way, you will surely get a lot of attention and respect.

How to have a married man eating out of your hand?


Men with lovers agree on one thing: they seek better experiences, especially in bed.

So, if you want to have a married man dominated, you can start wearing more daring lingerie, maintain your figure, be more creative in sex, as well as taking advantage of all the time you have with him to have fun.

Although … be careful! Having a married man eating out of your hand could get you in serious trouble.

How to dominate the mind of a man?

This depends a lot on your level of intelligence and the image you show.

Some people easily detect when you want to manipulate them, as well as when you use your strategies to get what you want.

So, if you want to nominate someone, start by discovering their weaknesses and what you can do to get their attention more.

How to control a womanizing man?

A man seeks to have a lover to live new experiences, therefore, if you want to keep him with you, you must start giving him a different experience in the relationship.

Don’t limit yourself to creativity. Wear sexy clothes, make him a delicious meal and give him some good massages… You will see that he will want to spend more time with you.

How to make a man fall in love?

Just as we fall in love with thoughtful and accommodating men, men also fall in love with women like that.

If you have already “shot” him physically, you will emotionally catch him if you are one of those who consent to it and do your best to make him feel good. The better you treat him, the more considerate and considerate he will be with you.

How to dominate a dominant man?

Men are dominant by nature, but when faced with confident, manipulative, and determined women, that character begins to weaken.

They know when they are in front of a strong woman and how they should limit themselves so as not to have problems. Therefore, this will depend on you, how you give yourself respect and what manipulation strategies you use to stop him and get him to do what you ask.

Since we started our first formal relationship, we have figured out how to handle men. It is only a matter of gaining experience to get to know your partner better and manipulate him with greater success.

Keep in mind that manipulation is not always good and positive in a relationship. If you do not want to earn the image of a lying and manipulative woman, use your techniques with caution.

The key to being with someone for a long time is respect and, if they don’t show it, the relationship is sure to fail.

We hope these strategies on how to handle men have been helpful to you. Do not forget to share this article on your social networks and leave us your comments.

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