10 Tips on How to Impress a Girl to Make Her Fall in Love

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One of the easiest ways to get a woman’s heart is to impress her. There are many things you can do to impress a girl, but they are probably not what you are thinking about.

Men tend to be non-assertive when they want to cause deep expectation in a woman they like, and they often do or say exaggerated things that show the fact that they want to impress them.

Today we will teach you to impress the right way and avoid exaggerating and looking foolish.

1.- Get ready … always

One of the first complaints of women regarding men is that they do not take as much care of their personal grooming as they should.

Believe it or not, bathing, scenting, shaving and showing up with an ironed shirt and clean shoes on a date is something that not everyone does out of simple common sense.

But to impress her you must not only take care of your appearance on the first date but all the time. Giving the best possible image is something you do for yourself, and it has to do with your self-esteem. Few things are as attractive as a guy with self-esteem.

Don’t forget that lotion is a delicate matter. Wear enough so that he smells your scent when he is next to you, but not so much that he smells you for miles.

2.- Be polite


Never forget your good manners. Being polite not only with the woman you are interested in, but with the rest of the world is the best way to convey confidence. If you’re just being nice to her but treating other people in a derogatory or rude way, she’ll know you’re faking it.

Nowadays, educated people are scarce every day. Try to review the way you conduct yourself, how you express yourself and how you address others, not only when you are in front of a girl you like, but always.

3.- Be punctual

There is nothing more exasperating than having to wait for someone who is late. The worst thing is that unpunctuality today seems the rule and not the exception. So, committing to other people’s time will give you an incredible advantage.

Anticipate, and plan your arrangement and departure in advance. Remember that many things can go wrong and unforeseen events may arise along the way that delays you. Punctuality is courtesy of kings, they say.

4.- Make her feel special

Find little ways to make her feel like the best version of herself. Send her a gift or a detail just for the sake of it, like her Instagram photos in moderation and, above all, listen to her carefully and analyze the things she likes, and the things she doesn’t, so that later you can surprise her.

If, for example, he casually tells you that he likes a certain music group, you can show up with his latest album as a gift at the next date. Let her know the reasons why you consider her an exceptional person. Don’t flatter her, just be sincere.

5.- make her laugh


Believe it or not when it comes to conquering a woman, making her laugh all the time is more effective than being very handsome or having a lot of money. Laughter is a powerful tool when used well.

However, to surprise her it is not enough that you make her laugh with jokes or silly jokes. You have to have a smart sense of humour, and most importantly – learn to laugh at yourself.

If you tell him funny anecdotes in which you are not trying to paint yourself as a hero but as a witty guy, he is much more likely to be interested in you.

6.- Tell him something that he has not heard before


You’ve probably already had to hear the same superficial compliments thousands of times. That she is pretty or nice has already been told, so avoid falling into common places.

When you pay attention to a woman, you can identify what compliments may surprise her, and make her notice that you are looking beyond her physique.

If you identify that he likes to draw, for example, you can tell him that you think he is a very artistic person. If he likes to write, tell him that he has a developed sensitivity.

Remember, every compliment you give her has to be a message that you can see what others can’t, and that makes you special.

7.- Make decisions

Research shows that women are attracted to men who demonstrate confidence and who do not hesitate to make small decisions.

For example, if you are dating her and you plan to take her out to dinner, you can ask her where she would like to go. For sure, she will answer you wherever you want. This is your chance. Instead of returning the question to him, decide quickly somewhere.

All the decisions you make in front of her should project security. From what you order from the menu to the place where you park or the route you take to drive.

8.- Send her flowers

For some reason, women are much more impressed with the fact that you send them a flower arrangement at work than the fact that you show up with a bouquet when you pass them by.

During the first date, try to find out where he works or studies. I don’t need to give you the exact address. The company and a quick search of its location on Google will help you know where to send a beautiful floral detail.

They love this because that way the whole office finds out they have a suitor, and it raises their self-esteem and expectations.

9.- Ignore your phone

If your phone rings multiple times while you are with her and you simply forward the call, she will feel especially valued.

Try to avoid answering messages as much as possible, and if it is something urgent about work, apologize properly before answering, do not minimize it or do it as something normal.

10.- Be discreet


Never try to impress a woman by talking about all your conquests, much less being dismissive of your ex-partners. In fact, doing the exact opposite works much better.

Let her be the one to imagine your ex-girlfriends. If he likes you, you can be sure that in his head they will be more and more beautiful than they really were.

If they ask you about any of them, tell them that they were exceptional, beautiful and talented people, but that the relationship was not what you wanted.

If he asks you how many partners you’ve had, the best thing you can do is keep the mystery, and tell him that “a gentleman has no memory.”

What “never” to do to impress a woman

The first thing we will see is exactly what you should not do. There are many peculiarities, but the general rule is as follows:

Don’t try to impress her!

We know that it sounds quite counterintuitive, but if you stop for a moment to analyze it, you will realize that any attitude or action you take with the obvious intention of impressing, at that moment, stops looking genuine.

Anything you do for that sole purpose will appear false. For example, if on the first date you spend half of your savings in an expensive restaurant, but you pass by her in a somewhat rickety car, she will realize that you are eager to screen her.

The message you are sending is not that of “I have a lot of money”, but rather that of “I don’t have a lot of money, but I am willing to spend what I don’t have to make a good impression on you.”

Doing this puts you at a disadvantage because you are indicating that for you she is much more than you can hope for. In other words, it has exactly the opposite effect.

Impressing a woman has more to do with being genuine, and not making the mistakes that all other men make.

The vast majority of guys become impulsive or even violent when they want to impress, leading them to do unintelligent or downright stupid things.

Staying in your five senses, upfront, will prevent you from committing recklessness. And being a prudent man is the first step to truly impress.

In conclusion

As you can see, impressing a woman is easy. You simply have to behave like a man who is honest, punctual, friendly and with a sense of humour. It has nothing to do with money or physical appearance.

Show him that you are different from others, and you can win his heart.

Tell us, in your opinion, what is the best way to impress a girl?

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